CubeWerx Embarks on a New Chapter of Geospatial Innovation Following Successful Transition from MariaDB

GATINEAU, QC – January 24, 2024 – CubeWerx Inc., a leader in geospatial products and services, today announced the successful completion of a deal with MariaDB plc to re-acquire its geospatial technology. This move marks the return of CubeWerx to operating as an independent company, poised for a renewed focus on innovation and its core competencies. Alongside this transition, CubeWerx welcomes back its core team members.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting new journey as an independent entity,” said Edric Keighan, CEO of CubeWerx. “The reacquisition is more than a return to our roots; it’s a leap into a future filled with immense possibilities. Our tenure with MariaDB was invaluable, broadening our horizons and deepening our expertise. As we now venture into new territories, especially within the Earth Observation industry, we are better equipped than ever to lead and innovate. This isn’t just a departure, but the dawn of a new era of growth and innovation for CubeWerx.”

“We are happy to see this powerful geospatial solution continue under its original company and leaders,” said Tom Siegel, CRO, MariaDB plc. “As we continue to focus our efforts on our core MariaDB Enterprise Server product, we are encouraged knowing there is a strong geospatial service offered by CubeWerx that our customers with geospatial data needs can count on.”

CubeWerx Geospatial-as-a-Service

The past few years have seen a renaissance in the space and satellite industry. Access to space is cheaper than it has ever been due to the proliferation of satellites, rockets and sensors.  The wealth of new data that is now available creates an urgent need for tools and platforms that help users make sense of it all. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are now being used at a massive scale to help us understand our planet in ways that would have been impossible a few years ago. The CubeWerx Stratos geospatial-as-a-service is a ground-breaking platform that provides stakeholders with the tools they need to manage, distribute and analyze this wealth of new geospatial data at scale.

Pursuing New Advancements with the Earth Observation Industry

CubeWerx’s independence heralds a period of strategic freedom, allowing it to fully exploit its expertise in geospatial-as-a-service technology. This autonomy empowers the company to pursue exciting new opportunities in the Earth Observation industry, focusing on developing cutting-edge solutions and exploring new markets. The company’s renewed commitment to innovation and customer service positions it to deliver exceptional value in areas where geospatial data is essential.

CubeWerx looks forward to this era of renewed innovation and dedication to excellence, reaffirming its commitment to its customers and stakeholders in delivering groundbreaking geospatial solutions.

About CubeWerx

CubeWerx is a widely recognized authority in the development of sophisticated product components for the integration, storage and management of geospatial data. An unwavering commitment to the development and implementation of Open Web Services specifications to free up the exchange of geospatial information has solidified CubeWerx’s reputation as a leading-edge provider of software products for managing and distributing spatial data on the Web.

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