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About our Platform

Our platform offers cutting-edge solutions for distributing geospatial data. With OGC-compliant web services, we ensure your data reaches a global audience efficiently and securely.

  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Robust Security

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How it Works

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We set up your dedicated instance of our platform and help onboard your data.


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The platform can handle nearly all types of 2D raster and vector data, including most of the common formats employed in the aerial imagery and earth observation sectors, as well as various elevation formats such as DEM, DTM etc. Vector data is supported by direct ingest of Shapefiles, GML, GeoJSON and many other formats.

We employ a zero trust model when deploying your web services. All data is locked down by default and specific permissions must be granted via the security dashboards. All network traffic is SSL encrypted. We support various methods of authentication, including OpenID and HTTP/Basic. Data at rest is stored in encrypted cloud object storage (for cloud deployments).

Since this is a partnership, we want to make sure everyone wins. Our pricing model is flexible. Every client is different and may have different downstream business models. We will work with your organization to come up with the model that works best for you.

The platform tracks all usage of the downstream services, down to the individual pixel. Complete usage analytics are maintained in an easily accessible SQL database. Additionally you can apply quotas and data usage restrictions to users or organizations directly in the dashboards.

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