A turnkey platform as a service

CubeWerx Stratos is an open standards-based platform for managing and distributing large archives of aerial and satellite imagery. It is targeted specifically at data providers or resellers who want to provide streaming access to their holdings, while maintaining strict access control and precisely monitoring usage. Just point it at your data and immediately access your services in any web mapping application or desktop app.

This changes everything.

Simply put, Stratos makes all the road blocks between your data and your users go away. We handle all the heavy lifting of creating a commercial service, including user and account management, usage tracking, security and access control. From direct downloads to streaming web services, it is a complete solution for the management and distribution of EO data.

You do not need to be a programming guru  or a GIS expert to get the most out of Stratos. We handle all the hard stuff. Most people are up and running, creating their own web services within half an hour and a quick demo.

Stratos web services are based on Web mapping standards created by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). All of your web and desktop applications are already compatible with our services. Your clients and developers can get to work right away. There is no CubeWerx API, and no proprietary interface.

Stratos will create a seamless mosaic from thousands of separate source images as easily as it handles one. Edits and updates take just a few seconds, even on very large data sets.

With Stratos, your data is protected and encrypted both in transit and at rest. Our intelligent, spatially-aware access control gateway lets you decide exactly how users can access your services. Restrict users and roles based on geographic regions, data resolution, map scale, etc. All managed through simple and intuitive web dashboards, directly from your browser.

Our goal is to help you succeed. We can tailor our subscription and licensing structure to suit your individual business model. We offer a range of options from a fully DIY license purchase with support, to fully managed, subscription based software as a service.

The Four Pillars of the Stratos Platform

Data Management

We help you get it right

Cloud storage is the most cost effective and efficient way to secure and manage your data. But geospatial creates unique challenges for cloud storage. The CubeWerx platform automatically organizes everything in the cloud so that it is optimized for downloading and streaming map services.

Web Mapping

Web services are built in

To do web services well, they can’t be an after-thought in your design. When you manage your data with the Stratos Platform, Web Services are automatically created for each data layer as you load it. Once the data is in, you can immediately access it through any desktop or mobile application.

Security and Access Control

Intelligent, Geo-enabled security

Our geospatial security gateway lets you customize access based on user identity. You can apply watermarks, or limit access by resolution or specific geographic areas. All without having to duplicate the data or services. Easily create secure, customized services for each client.

Quotas and Analytics

Track usage and statistics

With Stratos, every pixel accessed is tracked. You can slice and dice your service’s analytics directly in our browser-based tools, or download to Excel etc. You can set up custom user quotas for every data layer or service and tailor everything to match your specific business model.

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