First in open standards

CubeWerx is a world leader in the development and commercialization of interoperable technologies for the storage, management and distribution of geospatial data on the Internet. Since joining OGC in 1999, CubeWerx has demonstrated an unwavering commitment towards the development of Open Web Services (OWS) specifications to free up the exchange of geospatial information on the Internet. CubeWerx has taken on the editorship of several key OGC specifications: The Web Map Service (WMS), the Web Feature Service (WFS), the Web Catalog Service (WCS) the Style Layer Descriptor (SLD), the Filter Specifications and others currently in development. Three directors from CubeWerx received OGC’s Kenneth Gardels award for their dedication, commitment and respect for the OGC process and members in advancing OpenGIS specifications.

A competitive advantage

Because of this direct involvement in the design, specification and implementation of OGC standards, CubeWerx has been able to bring products to market earlier than other companies with far greater R&D resources and market presence. Our CubeSERV Web Map Server was one of the very first products to come to market based on the OGC approved specification. In addition, CubeWerx was the first (possibly only) vendor to implement a WMS cascading model that fully exploits the OGC concept of chaining services. Being engaged in OGC test beds and pilots means that we can not only help define the specifications but can also build prototype solutions in the process that can be rapidly developed into products. Consequently, CubeWerx has become recognized as a world leader in building and marketing products to OGC specifications.

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