CubeSERV® Cascading Web Map Server (WMS)

A scalable, interoperable platform for serving user-tailored maps on the Web

(This page describes a stand-alone product component. See our Stratos Web Map Publishing Tool or OpenImageMap Imagery Tiling Platform for a complete turnkey solution.)


The CubeSERV® Cascading Web Map Server is a workhorse of our map publishing engine. Its job is to rapidly render beautiful maps from diverse data sources, both local and remote. It is based on the latest Open GIS Consortium Web Map Server (WMS) specifications. It provides a powerful tool for publishing spatial information and integrating distributed map data on the Web using standard Web browsers and existing HTTP protocols.

Standards First

Since producing the Internet’s very first standards-based Web Map Server (WMS) back in 1999, CubeWerx has worked tirelessly to ensure we remain the gold standard for OGC compliance, performance and reliability. CubeSERV® is unparalleled in its ability to rapidly compose and serve maps from disparate data sources in complex, multi-user network environments.

CubeSERV®’s comprehensive symbology engine fully supports the OGC Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) standard, allowing users to dynamically create striking customized maps. Always up-to-date with the latest OGC WMS standard, yet completely backwards compatible with older versions.

CubeSERV® guarantees that your development efforts will be focused on your projects, not on dealing with the complexities of myriad incompatible map servers.

Key Benefits

  • Supports better decision making based on timely access to dynamic, integrated views of geospatial data
  • Reduces development time and costs by eliminating the need for proprietary spatial interfaces
  • Ensures improved spatial data quality by reducing reliance on old and/or redundant data sources
  • Improves time-to-market for Web-enabled, distributed spatial data services
  • Allows developers to integrate services from many other map servers without regard to their capabilities or imitations

What is a “Cascading” Map Server?

CubeWerx Cascading Web Map Server is capable of connecting to other “downstream” map servers, retrieving their capabilities, and presenting them as its own. It can retrieve layers from these other servers and integrate them into a seamless map, regardless of the limitations of the downstream servers, or the versions of the OGC standards they support. And since CubeSERV® is the most complete implementation of the OGC WMS standard available, it will automatically augment the abilities of the other servers as required to provide extra coordinate systems and image formats, etc.

Key Features

  • Provides capability to dynamically generate overlaid map views over the Web in distributed environments
  • Can cascade other OGC compliant Web Map Servers that comply to any WMS specification
  • Transforms map layers from third party map servers into a number of different projections and image formats, thereby offering an integrated and dynamic view of geospatial data in a distributed environment
  • Supports access to dozens of vector and raster data formats (SHAPE, Mid/Mif, GEOTIFF, etc) and an API allows users to extend
    the server to support custom formats
  • Supports HTTP GET and POST methods for WMS operations
  • Full support for OGC’s Style Layer Descriptor (SLD) specification
  • Support for SSL authentication of server
  • Supports WMS Get and Put styles capability
    • Supports hundreds of spatial reference systems profiled under EPSG projections and datums and allows users to define custom projections
    • Includes a configurable intelligent caching facility for retrieving and refreshing OGC Capabilities documents, SLDs and previously rendered maps
    • Supports X.509 certificate management
    • Contains a built-in server load balancing facility
    • Generates maps of any size and aspect ratio
    • Supports for all versions of the WMS specification up to and including version 1.3.2, including multilingual capability
    • Fine-tuned control over server load management and concurrent connections
    • Elegant text labeling and conflict resolution, including labeling along paths, with TrueType fonts
    • Support for UTF8 character rendering both for map labeling and for GetFeatureInfo response text.

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