Catalog Server (CSW)

A searchable, standards-based catalog and repository for your geospatial resources

(This page describes a stand-alone product component. See our Geoportlet Technology for a complete turnkey solution.)


The best products and services in the world are of no use to anyone if you cannot find them. The widespread and rapid adoption of OGC services and standards-based data on the web is opening up a multitude of possibilities, but these data and services are often scattered, incompletely described and difficult to locate.

The CubeSERV® Catalog and Web Registry Server solution brings order to chaos, by providing a catalog, repository, and standard interface to publish and search for any type of geographic product or service. CubeWerx services are widely recognized as “best of breed” in the marketplace, and CubeSERV® Catalog & Web Registry Server are the best choice for the centerpiece of an agile and powerful geo-spatial Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

An Open solution for the geospatial catalog

Our catalog can automatically harvest metadata from OGC Web Services and a wide variety of ISO standard metadata documents, then periodically reharvests to keep your information current and up-to-date. Searches can be performed based on spatial regions, time and date, keywords, etc. Catalog entries can be classified according to customizable taxonomies and classification schemes, so that relationships between entries is maintained.

Key Benefits

  • Maintains a catalog of all geographic (and nongeographic) resources that can be quickly searched in a variety of ways
  • Automatically harvests metadata from multiple services and metadata formats
  • Integrates seamlessly into a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through a standards-based Web interface
  • Improves time-to-market for Web-enabled, distributed spatial data services

Although a catalog’s primary purpose is to store a directory of information, rather than the information itself, we also provide a powerful repository to (optionally) store your metadata records directly in the catalog. Even external products and services can be recorded as references in the directory, with the catalog recording the location of the resources.

A word about standards

To ensure interoperability, CubeWerx Catalog and Web Registry Sever are based on a number of published standards. CubeWerx staff were directly involved in the development of these standards, insuring that our products meet the most rigid tests of interoperability and compliance. CubeWerx is one of the few vendors who have passed the OGC Catalog Services Web (CSW) version 1.0 compliance test.

This product is based on e-business XML (ebXML), which is a standard framework for the exchange of business messages, eliminating the risks involved with proprietary systems. The information model (OASIS ebRIM) is completely customizable and extensible to support your organization’s requirements.

CubeWerx Catalog and Web Registry Sever (WRS) are based on the Oasis® ebRIM information model and the OpenGIS Confortium® (OGC) Catalog Services Web (CWS) specifications, creating an interoperable, standards-based solution for maintaining and searching geographic resources and metadata.

Key Features

  • Automatic harvesting and periodic reharvesting of OGC Web Services.
  • Automatic registration and export of metadata in multiple formats.
  • Store any type of resource in the repository, even binary data formats.
  • Deployed as a Web Service for complete integration into Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).
  • Maintains connections between resources based on flexible and customizable associations, taxonomies and classifications.
  • Fully customizable ebRIM information model.
  • Extensive query capabilities based on spatial regions, keywords, temporal, service types, etc.
  • Automatically generate RSS Feeds of search results.
  • OpenSearch-compliant interface.
  • Supports OGC Core queryable properties that allow discovery across meta-data models.
  • Supports versioning of meta-data content.
  • Support access to metadata content from Z39.50 catalog servers.
Metadata formats supported “out-of-the-box”
  • WMS capabilities (all versions)
  • WFS capabilities (version 1.0)
  • WMTS capabilities
  • ISO 19115
  • ISO 19119
  • ISO 19139 (FGDC)
  • GILS
Supported specifications
  • OGC Catalog 2.0
  • OASIS ebRIM 2.5
  • OGC Filter 1.1.1
  • OWS Common 1.0

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