CubeWerx SDI™ Suite

An interoperable architecture for data discovery, access, management and production


The CubeWerx SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) Suite is a set of standards-based components that form the backbone and framework of an enterprise-wide solution for managing and sharing spatial data products, services and resources. It combines the power of an integrated solution with the flexibility of an open-standards based approach.

A turnkey solution

CubeWerx has been at the forefront of standards-based spatial technology development for over 15 years. Since producing the world’s first OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) compliant Web Map Server in 1998, we have continuously expanded the frontier of “interoperability” without sacrificing compliance to the open standards on which our technology is based, always with the goal of an integrated architecture in mind.

CubeWerx SDI is the product of more than ten years of effort aimed at providing the enterprise with a complete spatial data management solution, without locking it into the confines of proprietary interfaces and monolithic technologies. CubeWerx SDI is a turnkey solution for securely managing, discovering and sharing distributed spatial resources inside and outside your organization through open, standard interfaces.

Why Open Standards?

Over the past several years, a new breed of geospatial standard specifications has emerged from the Open Geospatial Consortium®, aimed at solving real-world problems, and with the participation of many vendors.

With these standards comes the opportunity for true interoperability, across organizations, technologies and suppliers.

Built around the concepts of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Web Services, these technologies allow any compliant product to interact with any other, regardless of the platforms or the vendors supplying them. This means that the enterprise is now free to implement a broad architecture for spatial information management without having to deal with the issues caused by the monolithic, proprietary systems of the past. CubeWerx SDI is the first comprehensive system designed entirely with interoperability and open standards in mind, making it the right choice for your organization.

Components Overview

A coherent and effective SDI strategy depends on having the right tools for the job, and making sure they work well together. The components of CubeWerx solution are deeply complementary, creating an infrastructure that is more than the sum of its parts. Yet, because of out strong commitment to Open Standards, they do not form a closed, proprietary solution.

Web Services

For over over 10 years, the name CubeWerx has been synonymous with “best of breed”, standards-based Geospatial web services. CubeWerx SDI takes full advantage of this technical heritage. Included in the suite are CubeWerx Cascading Web Map Server (WMS), Web Feature Server (WFS), Web Coverage Server (WCS),  Web Map Tile Server (WMTS), Web Catalog Server (CS/W), GeoSynchronization Server (GSS), a Geoportlet and a Dashboard client application as well as a collaborative OpenImageMap platform . In addition, our services can publish your data in other formats, such as GeoRSS, ATOM, Google Earth KML, and many more.

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Data Handling

CubeWerx SDI introduces a revolutionary new architecture for handling the myriad collection of data formats that organizations typically struggle with. Wherever your data lives and whatever format it is encoded in, our system will quickly and easily make it available in any other format, or through any of the web services you choose to deploy.


The use of a GeoPortal application is rapidly becoming the standard way organizations are integrating and publishing their spatial data resources. CubeWerx SDI accelerates the development of GeoPortals by providing a ready-to-use Geoportlet. Covering everything from discovery and visualization to data delivery, this portlet will allow the client to quickly construct a custom portal application, significantly reducing project risk and development time.

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CubeWerx recognizes that your data is your most valuable asset. CubeWerx SDI provides a secured environment with powerful access control mechanisms which allow you to specify exactly what you want to share with your group, your organization or the general public. Implemented at the Web Service level, these technologies permit you to define geo-enabled access control rules on your data, so only the precise features and spatial regions you specify will be authorized. In addition, our Web Services support SSL Encryption and Secure Certificate management.

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Catalog and Metadata

As one of very few vendors currently compliant to the Open GeoSpatial Consortium’s Catalog Service 2.0.1 specification, CubeWerx is uniquely placed to provide Standards-based cataloging and metadata management services, completely integrated with our SDI suite. Our Catalog is capable of automatically harvesting resources from other OGC-compliant services, such as WMS, WFS, etc. It supports the OASIS ebXML Registry Information Model (ebRIM). In addition to the standard interfaces, the catalog is accessible through the Open Search protocol, and can produce search results in native, GeoRSS and ATOM formats.

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Web-Based SDI Management

CubeWerx SDI includes a set of modern, AJAX-based dashboards (Stratos Dashboard) designed to manage, control and monitor all aspects of your infrastructure from a single web application. Load and manage data, create web services on the fly, adjust security settings, update and maintain metadata, all with a few simple mouse clicks.

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Stand-alone Options

Although they achieve their true strength as part of a full-fledged SDI, all of the components that make up this product suite are available as stand-alone offerings, allowing you to build up your infrastructure incrementally, with full confidence that it is based on open standards that will be easily extended, and will not lock your organization into any particular set of vendors or technologies.

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