CubeWerx OpenImageMap™

A revolutionary imagery management and hosting platform


CubeWerx has developed a unique and powerful solution to the problem of managing geospatial imagery collections, large or small. Our software lets you deploy terabytes of imagery in hours instead of days or weeks. Incremental updates allow you to edit existing data in seconds and deliver imagery with a level of performance comparable to Google Maps or Bing Maps while maintaining full control over your data. OpenImageMap It automatically publishes many service endpoints, corresponding to a unique URL for each supported interface, including Open GeoSpatial Consortium (OGC) WMTS, WMS, WCS, Google Maps API, Google Earth/KML and OSGeo TMS. This platform is called OpenImageMap.

Upload, tile and serve maps in seconds

Using a simple Web interface, the OpenImageMap software creates and manages map tiles. The product can tile 1 terabyte of imagery (GeoTIFF) in 1.5 hours using a commodity computer with a single quad-core processor. To serve the imagery, it supports multiple map tile APIs and can be configured to generate tiles “on-demand” for the highest resolution tiles. This greatly reduces both tiling time and storage requirements. On-demand tiles are generated so quickly that in most cases the user will not notice the difference between pre-generated and on-demand tiles.

Manage your own data

CubeWerx OpenImageMap allows your organization to collaboratively manage your own data and services over the Web.

  • Simple, intuitive Web interface. No Training or specialized GIS knowledge required.
  • New imagery is deployed in seconds.
  • Scalable to massive volumes of imagery with no loss in performance or tiling speed.
  • Immediate deployment of a Web Map Tiling service once your data has been tiled.
  • Incremental updates of imagery and tiles.

Fully cloud-ready

We can deploy this platform for your organization on your in-house servers, or if you’re ready to move to the cloud, OpenImageMap has been thoroughly optimized and tested for use in virtual services such as the Amazon Cloud and others. We’ll take care of all the details. Take full control over your services, or employ us to handle the heavy lifting, using our Managed Services offerings. The choice is yours.

Technical Specifications

Supported Data Formats

  • Standard imagery formats: PNG, GIF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, PPM, PGM, PBM, and BSQ, CIB, DOQ, DOQQ, NITF and others.
  • Standard terrain formats: DTED, DEM, GTOPO, SRTM and LIDAR
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) interfaces
  • OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)
  • OGC Web Map Service (WMS)
  • OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS)
Open Source APIs
  • OSGeo TMS
  • OpenLayers
Commercial APIs
  • Google Maps
  • Google Earth/KML

  • Upload of imagery from collaborative partners
  • On-line/batch tiling of imagery
  • Fast tiling using parallel processing capability
  • Incremental updates of imagery and tiles

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