CubeWerx OpenImageMap as a Google Earth Enterprise Replacement

Google has decided to end support for their highly popular Google Earth Enterprise server. This will leave many customers out in the cold, struggling to find a comparable replacement.

OpenImageMap from CubeWerx is a high-performance, massively scalable solution for managing very large volumes of geospatial imagery, either in-house or in the cloud. It will out-perform existing solutions in Google Earth Enterprise or comparable offerings from ESRI etc, both in terms of processing time, and efficiency of delivering Web services. It achieves all this on much smaller hardware and at a far lower cost than Google Earth Enterprise. It is fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can use Amazon S3 for storing source imagery, providing the lowest cost storage option available anywhere.

The platform is simple to use and requires no formal training. You will literally be publishing data in minutes. Simple Web-based tools allow you to upload and manage your own data, tile imagery, mange access control and publish Web Services.

And it’s from CubeWerx! So Open Standards are a given. Any data published is automatically and immediately available in a multitude of Web Services APIs, including OGC WMS, WMTS, OSGeo, Bing Maps, Google Maps, Cesium, OpenLayers, and more. View your data directly in Google Earth with the click of a button.

To learn more about OpenImageMap and find out how we can help your organization, check out the product page.

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