About Us

Who we are

CubeWerx is a widely recognized authority in the development of sophisticated product components for the integration, storage and management of geospatial data. An unwavering commitment to the development and implementation of Open Web Services specifications to free up the exchange of geospatial information on the Internet, has solidified CubeWerx’s reputation as a leading-edge provider of software products for serving spatial data on the Internet.

The origins

Although CubeWerx was founded in 1996, its core team of engineers and architects have been working together for well over 15 years, originally as members of a strategic research and business unit at Oracle, responsible for developing and bringing the Spatial Data Option (Oracle Spatial) to market.

Going forward

We are a modern, dynamic company built by world-recognized experts in managing geospatial data. Our focus today is on providing best-of-breed managed services in-house, or in the Cloud, to meet the most demanding needs of our clients.

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